Topical Arrangements of Standards

You can also view DCI arrangements of standards or search for individual performance expectations.

Download a PDF of all performance expectations grouped by topic, scroll down to view the full table of standards, or select criteria below to search for individual topic groupings. You can Ctrl+click (cmd+click on Macs) to select or de-select multiple criteria. Note that adding criteria from both categories narrows your results.

This arrangement of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is similar to earlier iterations of the standards. At the beginning of the process, in order to eliminate potential redundancy, seek an appropriate grain size, and seek natural connections among the Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs) identified within the Framework for K-12 Science Education, the writers arranged the DCIs into topics around which to develop the standards. This structure provided the original basis of the standards and has continued through the process.

However, in response to the previous public feedback and direction of the Lead State Partners, the coding structure of individual performance expectations is based on the same DCI arrangement as the Framework. The topic names have been retained in order to allow easy comparisons.

Since many states prefer the topical arrangement, and because the writers want to be transparent about changes made from draft to draft, this topic view is offered to those who prefer to view the NGSS in this form. Due to the fact that the NGSS progress toward end-of-high school core ideas, individual performance expectations may be rearranged in any order within a grade band.