PEEC - Alignment: NGSS Publisher's Criteria


New version of PEEC coming soon--end of May 2017!

Download the draft PEEC-Alignment Document in Microsoft Word

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The feedback period on the May 2015 draft of the NGSS Primary Evaluation of Essential Criteria for Alignment (PEEC-Alignment) is now closed, but the draft will remain online while it is being revised.

This draft document is meant to help developers and reviewers of instructional materials answer the question: “do the materials contain or exhibit the essential features of a program aligned to the NGSS innovations?” The PEEC-Alignment document focuses on the innovations set forth in NGSS and their implications for instructional materials. If the program under review seems to be adequately aligned to the NGSS innovations, it could then be reviewed for the presence of other key components of instructional materials – some of which are also described in the PEEC-Alignment document – as well as for any other criteria that are relevant in a local context.

Once the PEEC-Alignment document is finalized, it can be used to conduct NGSS-alignment reviews of comprehensive science programs (e.g., a school program based on different units), kit-based instructional materials (e.g., a kit program for elementary science), textbooks (e.g., a middle school Earth science textbook), or textbook series (e.g., a K-6 elementary program) for alignment to the NGSS. The PEEC-Alignment document can also be used:

         by publishers as:

  • Standards-alignment specifications for designing new programs or materials aligned to the NGSS innovations; or,
  • Indications of changes required for the revision of a current program.

        by educators for:

  • Aiding in decisions about the review, selection, and purchasing of school science textbooks, textbook series, and instructional materials that represent comprehensive programs; or,
  • Evaluation of current materials to identify adaptations and modifications to increase alignment with NGSS.

The May 2015 draft of the document is available for download in PDF and Word form from the links above.