For Teachers

The following resources may be helpful to classroom educators.


This video highlights a classroom example of teaching and learning about energy and matter across science disciplines for Grades 9-12.

This video highlights a classroom teacher discussing first steps towards transitioning to the NGSS.

This webinar serves as an introduction to bundling the NGSS. Recorded June 28, 2016.

This overview video provides a quick look at the importance of Next Generation Science Standards.

This video highlights teaching and learning about making claims from evidence in a Grade 2 classroom.

Watch this video to learn more about the NGSS Accelerated Model Course Pathways.

This video provides an NGSS EQuIP Rubric Overview.

This video highlights part one of the NGSS EQuIP Rubric: 3-Dimensional Learning.

This video highlights part three of the NGSS EQuIP Rubric: Evidence of Student Learning.

This video highlights the NGSS EQuIP Rubric: Using Phenomena.