NGSS Writing Team Member: Chris Embry Mohr

Chris Embry Mohr is a high school science teacher at Olympia High School (OHS) in rural Stanford, Illinois. She has been a high school agriculture and science teacher for seventeen years, teaching a variety of classes including biology, Advanced Placement Biology, physical science, environmental science, and biological science applications in agriculture. She has also taught introduction to the agriculture industry, agriculture science, agribusiness management, welding, small engines, and horticulture science.

Ms. Mohr is currently serving at the Science Department Chairperson and is a member of OHS School Instructional Leadership Team. She also served as the District K-12 Science Curriculum Coordinator for the past nine years and has twice served as Co-Chair of the District Science Curriculum Study Committee.

Ms. Mohr has a true passion for curriculum development and works hard to ensure that students learn. Over the past nineteen years, she has served on numerous state education committees on curriculum development and assessment, supervised the building of a large greenhouse/ learning laboratory, written and been awarded dozens of grants, supervised seven student teachers, and taught workshops throughout the Midwest. She also co-authored a high school livestock science textbook. Ms. Mohr took a break from teaching for two years to serve as a statewide agricultural education coordinator and assist local entities in increasing agricultural literacy.

Her proudest accomplishments as a teacher include having several past students become teachers, seeing her FFA chapter earn many gold stars for their program of activities and other awards, having numerous state and American FFA degree recipients, and the satisfaction of knowing that students have learned something about not only science, but life.

Ms. Mohr also serves her community as a youth group leader for the community junior high and high school youth groups and has taken youth on mission trips. She also serves as a leader for her children’s 4-H club and helps run the county beef show.

Ms. Mohr earned a BS in Animal Science and Agricultural Education and a MS in Agricultural Education from the University of Illinois.

She lives with her husband and three children on a farm near Carlock, Illinois.