Evaluating NGSS Design

As educators implement new science standards in their classrooms, one of the most important decisions they face is selecting the best instructional materials to support student learning. NextGenScience (formerly Achieve) has worked with teachers, states, and leaders in science education research to develop a suite of tools to support educators in this effort.



Quality Instructional Materials Designed for the NGSS


Quality Examples of Instructional Materials: NGSS lessons and units highly rated by the Peer Review Panel for Science are publicly posted along with their EQuIP feedback that provides evidence for their rating so that all educators can use and learn from them. 


NGSS Design Badge: NextGenScience awards a digital badge called the NGSS Design Badge to science units designed for the NGSS that have earned the highest rating on the EQuIP Rubric for Science based on a review conducted by NextGenScience or its Science Peer Review Panel


Tools for Evaluating Instructional Materials

NGSS Lesson Screener: The NGSS Lesson Screener provides criteria for a quick look at the degree to which lessons and units are designed for the NGSS.

EQuIP Rubric for Science: The EQuIP Rubric for Science provides criteria for measuring the degree to which longer lessons and units are designed for the NGSS. See EQuIP webpage for more information and tools.

NextGen TIME: NextGen TIME is a suite of tools and processes for curriculum-based professional learning that supports educators to evaluate, select, and implement instructional materials designed for next generation science. 


Services for Getting Instructional Materials Reviewed

Science Peer Review Panel: The Science Peer Review Panel (PRP) coordinated by NextGenScience is comprised of expert educators and seeks to identify lessons and units that best illustrate the cognitive demands of the NGSS. 

NextGenScience Reviews: NextGenScience is working to identify more high-quality materials designed for the NGSS to support implementation. For those developing proprietary materials, we can review those materials directly and confidentially. 


Tools for Evaluating Assessments and Assessment Tasks

Science Assessment Task Screening Tools: The Science Task Prescreen and the Science Task Screener are intended to assist educators in evaluating science assessment tasks to determine whether they are designed for three-dimensional science standards based on the Framework for K–12 Science Education, such as the NGSS.

Framework for Evaluating Cognitive Complexity in Science Assessments: A new approach to capturing and communicating the complexity of summative assessment items and tasks designed for three-dimensional standards.


Additional Resources to Support Identifying Quality Materials

NGSS Innovations and Instructional Materials: The NGSS Innovations are the five most significant ways the NGSS advance science teaching and learning. This document describes the five innovations and their implications for instructional materials. 

NGSS Alignment Claims: How Publishers Talk About the Next Generation Science Standards: This document categorizes and describes some of the common ways those developing and marketing science instructional materials are making connections to the NGSS. 


Looking for more? Read the Next Generation Science Standards and the Appendices and search our Resource Library.