NGSS Writing Team Member: Paul Speranza

Paul Speranza taught science in the New York City Public School system at the high school level for over thirty years. He taught earth science, environmental science, chemistry and physics. During his years at the high school he was also an adjunct lecturer at a local community college where he taught “Introduction to College Science”. Among his jobs at the high school were Coordinator of Student Activities, Human Relations Coordinator, Lead Earth Science Teacher and Teacher Mentor. Mr. Speranza also wrote questions for the New York State Earth Science Regents Exam, wrote the New York City citywide exam in earth science and was a curriculum writer for a local school district.

After retiring from the New York City School system, Mr. Speranza was an adjunct lecturer in a master’s degree program in education where he taught “Philosophy of Education” and “Methods in Science Education”. Mr. Speranza was also a member of the writing team for the College Board’s Standards for College Success Science Standards.

Mr. Speranza received a BS and MA in Science Education from the City College of New York.