Grouping elements or concepts from multiple PEs in lessons, units, and/or assessments that students can develop and use together to build toward proficiency on a set of PEs in a coherent manner.

January 18, 2017
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The Example Bundles (formerly known as the Model Content Frameworks for Science) demonstrate various ways that curriculum developers can bundle the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) within a school year. "Bundling" is an important strategy for implementing the standards because it helps students grasp connections between concepts and brings coherence to classroom instruction.  

This webinar serves as an introduction to bundling the NGSS. Recorded June 28, 2016.

June 29, 2016
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The NGSS Example Bundles helps explain the process of organizing the standards for coherent instruction and is intended for curriculum developers, including educators in the field and commercial publishers.

 "Bundles" are groups of standards arranged together to create the endpoints for units of instruction. Bundling is just one step in a curriculum development process; many other steps are required to create instructional materials designed for the NGSS.

Teachers across the disciplines have collaborated to write sample tasks, which are the result of a vision of integrating science, engineering, and mathematics for classroom use.