Upcoming NGSS Resources


NGSS Evidence Statements will provide educators with additional detail on what students should know and be able to do. Model content frameworks will build on these statements and offer further clarity on implementing the NGSS in the classroom. Early 2014

Classroom Assessment Tasks are a vision of integrating science, engineering and mathematics in classroom assessment. Teachers across the disciplines are collaborating to write sample tasks that blend content, practices and concepts from both the NGSS and the Common Core State Standards. Early 2014

NGSS Accelerated Pathways are course models that provide examples of how the NGSS can be tailored for accelerated students. Created by Advanced Placement teachers, these models help schools and districts to envision pathways for students intending to take AP science courses in their junior year. Early 2014

The EQuIP NGSS Rubric will help educators and education leaders identify high quality, NGSS-aligned instructional materials, and provide feedback to improve existing materials, through a criterion-based, peer-review process. Early 2014

The Science Standards Comparison Toolkit will help teachers and administrators consider the differences in purpose and content between different sets of standards. Early 2014

The NGSS data portal will let users search and view the NGSS to meet their individual needs for display on computers and mobile devices. This flexible resource will eventually allow users to tag and share resources. Summer 2014

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