Assessment Resources

Resources for Implementing Three-Dimensional Science Assessments

As educators, districts, and states implement new science standards, they are faced with creating and implementing new three-dimensional assessments to help monitor student progress and provide feedback to students, parents, and teachers. Achieve has worked with teachers, states, and researchers to develop a variety of tools and resources to help design and implement assessments that are worth students’ and teachers’ time.

Science Assesesment Criteria: This document describes the most important features of statewide summative assessments designed for three-dimensional standards based on A Framework for K-12 Science Education, such as the NGSS.

Science Assessment Task Screening Tools: These two tools are intended to assist educators in evaluating science assessment tasks to determine whether they are designed for three-dimensional science standards based on the Framework for K–12 Science Education, such as the Next Generation Science Standards.

Transforming Science Assessment: Challenges and Recommendations for States: This brief describes some key challenges associated with developing assessments for new three-dimensional science standards and recommendations for states to consider.

Transforming Science Assessment: Systems for Innovation: This series of resources is designed to provide state education leaders with 1) information about how states are currently pursuing statewide assessment systems in science; 2) analyses of what features influence different approaches, with an eye to supporting state leaders as they make their own decisions regarding science assessment systems; 3) detailed state profiles that highlight how and why some states have made decisions regarding designing and enacting different examples of systems of assessment; and 4) a how-to guide for policymakers looking to enact systems of assessment in science.