The Standards


Read the Standards


Read and search the Next Generation Science Standards: Discover various ways the student performance expectations (PEs) can be arranged, including by Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs) or topic arrangements. The standards can also be filtered by grade, the three dimensions, or science disciplines. Also, download complete PDFs of the academic standards.


Search the NGSS Appendices: NGSS Appendices A-M provide background and detail about the standards, along with some helpful implementation models.


Watch this video about How to Read the Next Generation Science Standards.



Understanding the Standards


A big part of understanding the innovations of the NGSS is understanding why we needed new science standards in the first place. Resources in this section outline some key advances in science education research and describe how the NGSS reflect these advances by enabling students to learn science by doing science.


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Developing the Standards


Learn how Achieve coordinated the work of twenty-six Lead State Partners and collaborated with critical partners, including the National Research Council, the National Science Teachers Association, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, to develop the NGSS based on the NRC's K-12 Framework for Science Education.


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