Lessons and Units: Quality Examples of NGSS Design

Looking for NGSS-aligned lesson plans?

To identify and shine a spotlight on emerging examples of lessons and units designed for the NGSS, Achieve launched the EQuIP Peer Review Panel for Science (PRP). NextGenScience, the former Achieve science team, continues this work, managing reviews that use the EQuIP Rubric for Science (Version 3.1) to evaluate instructional materials and identify quality examples for the field.

The objective of these reviews is not to endorse a particular curriculum, product, or template. It instead aims to identify lessons and units that best illustrate the cognitive demands of the NGSS. Below is the list of free and publicly available K-12 instructional materials that have been submitted for EQuIP review and received one of the top three ratings on the EQuIP rubric.

You can use each lesson or unit in a variety of ways to support high-quality science teaching and learning, including for classroom instruction and professional learning experiences for educators. On each page, there is a link to the materials that were reviewed along with a copy of the feedback from the EQuIP review. Reviewing the feedback can provide information about the materials’ purpose, strengths, and areas that would benefit from revisions.