High School: Why Don't Antibiotics Work Like They Used To? (v1.0)

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Unit submitted by Next Generation Science Storylines.As indicated by the version number, this High School unit is in ongoing review and revision and the version posted online at the submitters website may differ from the one that was reviewed and is posted here.


Rating: Example of High Quality NGSS Design if Improved

Science Discipline: LifeScience

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See a blog written by teachers implementing this unit in their classrooms here: http://nstacommunities.org/blog/2018/02/23/why-dont-antibiotics-work-lik...

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John Magee
While I think the example given for Bio, the antibiotic activity is interesting, - I think the overall cost of this activity and the is prohibitive and the time involved is significant. I wonder whether the team would consider set up time and cost into their rubric in future. I think many bio teachers would be better served seeing an example that could be done using regularly available lab equipment that supplies available at the grocery store.
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