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Score: 8

Science Discipline: Life Science, Physical Science

Length: Unit

Year Reviewed: 2021

Awarded the NGSS Design Badge

Middle school students across the country are wondering, “What’s wrong with M’Kenna?” Throughout BSCS Science Learning’s body systems unit, A Medical Mystery, students spend eight weeks investigating why 13-year-old M’Kenna is feeling sick and losing so much weight. They create and revise models and use scientific reasoning and argumentation to explain the difference between M’Kenna’s and a healthy person’s digestive systems. Ultimately, they solve the mystery. BSCS partnered with Oregon Public Broadcasting to develop this digital unit. 

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The following link will direct you to BSCS's A Medical Mystery unit overview page: A Medical Mystery 

NGSS Design Badge

Awarded:Jan 4, 2022

Awarded To: A Medical Mystery


The NGSS Design Badge is awarded only to the version of this unit that was reviewed. If any modifications are made to this unit, the revised version cannot be promoted as having earned the badge.

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