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Score: 8

Awarded the NGSS Design Badge

Science Discipline: Earth and Space Science, Physical Science

Length: Unit

Year Reviewed: 2023

In this module, students take on the role of volcanologists. They make sense of the following Anchor Phenomenon: "The residents of Kathmandu, Bougainville Island, Auckland, and Yogyakarta all live in the shadow of hills and mountains. Three of the locations are near the ocean, and three have similar rocks. Some locations have experienced devastating volcanic eruptions in the past that have affected local residents. Sometimes local residents are able to be protected." Students experience this phenomenon during the first session of the module, through visual media, datasets, maps, and hands-on exploration. They ask Wonder Questions about their experience, and use these questions to drive their learning to make sense of the phenomenon. Over the course of the Volcano Hunters module, students investigate what makes volcanoes tick before analyzing real-life data from active volcanoes, assessing threat levels, and devising a plan to protect people from the dangers of eruptions.

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NGSS Design Badge

Awarded: Aug 1, 2023

Awarded To: Twig Science: Volcano Hunters



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