NGSS Alignment Claims: What Publishers are Saying

NGSS Alignment Claims: How Publishers Talk About the Next Generation Science Standards

Many publishers make claims about how connected their materials are for the NGSS. This paper categorizes and describes some of the common ways those developing and marketing science instructional materials are making connections to the NGSS. It does not pass judgement on what are “good” or “bad” claims, but provides examples of various types and suggests questions that when answered could ensure that the claim meets the needs of the teachers and schools making the procurement decision. In addition to sharing the categories of claims common in the marketplace, several examples are provided of claims that Achieve would like to see more frequently—ones that closely tie to the major NGSS Innovations as described in the Primary Evaluation of Essential Criteria for NGSS Instructional Materials Design (PEEC).

For educators, this will help you to recognize and begin to evaluate common claims.

For publishers and other developers of science instructional materials, this document provides some ideas about how to better communicate the unique aspects of your instructional materials as they relate to the NGSS, and additionally, some ideas about the sorts of claims you might want to make in subsequent versions of your programs.

Download the resource here.