This task is Lesson 7 from the Storylines Middle School Unit "How Can We Sense So Many Different Sounds from a Distance?" This lesson is intended as a review of the big ideas learned in the previous six lessons, and it prepares students for a formal assessment that they will take individually after Lesson 7. This lesson spans 3 40-minute periods during which students are engaging in activities to help them answer the Lesson Question: How can so many different sounds be coming from the needle and the record when you spin it? Students discuss their ideas about investigating how the different sounds are made, conduct investigations about the effect on sound from changing frequency and amplitude of a vibrating object, and work with partners to make sense of how the needle on a record makes different sounds. At the end of the lesson students identify evidence on a record of what is causing the needle to vibrate in different ways to make different sounds, add this information to an Incremental Model Tracker, and use these ideas to make predictions about varying the speed of the record, which will be addressed in the next lesson. An EQuIP Peer Review Panel review of this unit can be found here.  

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