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Carolina Biological Supply Company specializes in serving the traditional K-12/college classroom and lab. Carolina provides a 3D Learning classroom program, including individual lab kits for grades 9-12, K-8 curriculum programs, and Distance Learning kits. Since 1927, Carolina's collaborative approach has not only brought teachers innovative quality products, it has also been instrumental in providing world-class support that includes unmatched customer service and prompt, reliable delivery.

Score: 9

Awarded the NGSS Design Badge

Science Discipline: Physical Science

Length: Lesson

Year Reviewed: 2023

This high school chemistry lesson begins with the phenomenon of the popularity and widespread use of lithium-based batteries. Students experience the phenomenon through a video of an electric race car, as well as by making connections to their own experiences with a wide variety of devices that use lithium batteries. 

Students engage in sense-making through a series of investigations, readings, and class discussions to obtain data and information on the chemical reactions used by batteries to store and supply energy to devices. They develop and revise models of metal activity series and batteries and use these models to explain the relationships between components and chemical reactions in a battery system, and why lithium makes such a good candidate for supplying energy in a battery.


NGSS Design Badge

Awarded: May 6, 2024

Awarded To: Carolina Biological: Lithium-Based Batteries


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