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The activity was contributed by the Inquiry-Based Bioengineering Research and Design Experiences for Middle-School Teachers RET Program, Worcester Polytechnic Institute in partnership with the TeachEngineering Digital Library at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Score: 5

Science Discipline: Engineering, Earth and Space Science

Length: Lesson

Year Reviewed: 2022

Students make sense of the problem with drinking water contamination due to various pharmaceuticals and hormones. They experience the steps of the engineering design process as they design solutions for a real-world problem that negatively affects the environment. Using chlorine as a proxy for estrogen and other drugs found in water, student groups design and test prototype devices that remove the contamination as efficiently and effectively as possible.  The lesson concludes by students writing comprehensive summary design reports while reflecting on how engineers can design solutions to help detect and effectively remove these contaminants from our drinking water.

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