EQuIP Professional Learning Facilitator’s Guide

The professional learning outlined in this facilitator's guide is designed to increase educator proficiency in applying the EQuIP Rubric for Science v3.0 while also deepening their understanding of the NGSS. It is organized as a series of 10 modules with guidance to adapt the professional learning to meet the needs of educators of varying knowledge of the standards. Successful use of this guide will result in educators being equipped to review science lessons and units, to provide effective feedback and suggestions for improvement to developers and users of these instructional materials, to identify model or example lessons and units, and to inform the development of new instructional materials. 


Introduction (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 1 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 2 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 3 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 4 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 5 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 6 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 7 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 8 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 9 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Module 10 (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)

All Modules (Word) (PDF) (PowerPoint)










Handout 1 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 2 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 3 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 4 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 5 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 6 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 7 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 8 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 9 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 10 (Word) (PDF)

Handout 11 (Word) (PDF)

Facilitator’s Resource — Storyline Cards (Word) (PDF)

Common Lesson: Urban Heat*

*The Urban Heat lesson is from Teachers TryScience and is used here with permission

Optional Immersion Handouts